Pits & Giggles




Every dog we rescue has a story.

We want every one of those stories to end with happily ever after.


If you want a happily ever after of your own with one of our dogs the process is simple.

Begin by filling out an application from the link above.  Our adoption fee is $300 for puppies ($150 for Mama Dogs) and covers the dog’s spay/neuter, microchip, and all age appropriate shots.


Once completed a volunteer will be in touch with you about your references.  We will call to discuss what you are looking for in a dog and we will make some recommendations from our available pups based on the best possible match for you.  We believe adopters have the most success when they choose a dog based on personality and energy level rather than looks alone.

After your interview is complete we will schedule a home visit.  We do this to ensure there are no hazards or opportunities for your new pup to go wandering the neighborhood.


One your home visit is complete and you are approved to adopt you will be able to bring your new family member home!


Why so much work to adopt every dog?

It’s simple.  We’ve put weeks and months of work in to these dogs.  We’ve secured mama a safe place to deliver her pups.   We’ve cared for and nurtured them through their fragile first weeks and we’ve cheered their milestones and wept when we lose a baby.  We tend to mama and see to it she’s living the good life in a foster home once she’s weaned her babies.  Whether you’re looking to adopt an adult dog or a puppy from us we’ve dedicated hundreds of hours of work to their care.  After all that we want to make sure the homes they go to are safe, secure, and forever.  We continue to care for the wellbeing of our dogs even after they’ve gone to their forever homes, we offer support and information to ensure every adopter experiences success.


We invite you to meet some of our adoptable dogs, we know you’ll agree they’re worth all that work and more!